Si è conclusa con grande successo di pubblico la mostra Messina Skethcbook, presso la Galleria Arte Cavour di Messina.

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la limonata al sale a messina

scheda chioscoridcon testo


Omaggio a Crepax

Il mio omaggio a Crepax nella recente mostra a lui dedicata ad Etnacomics.

A drawing dedicated to Guido Crepax, for the exhibition in his memory to Etnacomics.

valentina trinacria rid


I mercati a Messina: Vascone


One of the busiest markets of Messina is the “Vascone” (literally “deep basin”), which is located in an area adjacent to the Grand Cemetery, where a contrast between life and death mixes the cries of the vendors and the silence of the tombs. Inside you can find everything: from the sellers of fruits and vegetables, to those of meats and cheeses, to the sellers of fish and meat. Among the chaos at the stalls, all can be found, according to the periods, the colourful fruits typical of the area, such as white figs and “winter” figs, the mulberry, the meline (small apples) and blood oranges from Etna, peaches Mojo, Interdonato lemons, watermelon, prickly pears, or any vegetables, such as Pachino tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, “minestra selvaggia” (wild vegetables), the scarola (curly lattuce), broccoli, long pumpkins, purple cabbage, borage, the “mulincianedde” (small aubergines) to fill and bake in the oven. In the stalls of egg vendors you can also see live chickens, used as a message of freshness of their eggs.


In the most upstream area, and at the “right” time, you can find the fish coming from the Strait and the Aeolian Islands, albacore , swordfish, Mediterranean spearfish, kingfish, squid, belt fist, horse mackerel, whitebait, etc.., Although now a day most of the fish seems coming farer from our Mediterranean sea, being lucky you may find, at the specialized stalls, the mussels and clams grown in the small lakes of Ganzirri, however only during the months with the “r”. All these products are at the base of main dishes in the Messina’s cuisine, such as involtini di spatola or pesce spada (roulades of belt fish or swordfish), cozze scoppiate (open and baked mussels filled with spiced breadcrumb), calamari ripieni (filled squids). However, my memories go to the market of “San Paolino”, which occupied, until a few years ago, the most upstream via Santa Cecilia. Blocked to traffic in the morning, the market was organized with giant red umbrellas that stood out, with a good glance, on the lava stone paving, made shiny and slippery by chilled water thrown by the fishmongers on the wooden boxes to refresh the fish inside. My father took me there as a child to help him do the shopping and there I learned to recognize fresh produce and sellers’ little tricks.


messina: cibo di strada


Street food: Dajuni

If, passing at the Monumental Cemetery in Messina, at Via Catania, you find yourself dipped in a thick layer of smoke, acrid smell of grilled meat, you are definitely closer to a kiosk of “dajuni”, a sort of street barbecue where they serve, unceremoniously, a mixture of entrails and offal of bovine origin (being accurate, intestines, testicles and breasts), whose effective cleanliness is better not to investigate. “Dajuni” which derives from fasting, says a lot about the origin of this dish, popular in the past among people too poor to afford eating meat. The customers consume it strictly warm, standing in front of the kiosk, served in a paper wrap with the right amount of salt, a piece of lemon and a “menza bira” (literally “half beer”, means 33cl bottle). Providing not to ask yourself what you’re eating, the taste is very good. Among the kiosks where you can taste, the most “famous” is “Lulli” besides the cemetery where, yet in the afternoon, you can see groups of customers (mostly men), in line to taste this delicacy.


Street food: Granita

An experience not to be missed when it comes to Messina is a good granita. They come in all different flavours all delicious, coffee , strawberry, lemon, mulberry, but the typical granita in Messina is the one with cream and brioche, commonly known as “menza ca’ panna” best if eaten in the street bought from one out of the many Ape van, the locally called “Lapa”, that during the summer lurk around strategic points of the city . The most famous “Lapa” is the “Tedesco’s”, located at the crossway between Viale Europe (also known as, the elders remember, ponte Americano) and Via Cesare Battisti. Here at a nominal price is possible to taste one of the best granita in Messina, surrounded by crowds of customers all a myriad of scooters that, just to taste this delicacy, scamper on each side making the already chaotic traffic of Messina even more difficult. If you are not attracted by the “hard” experiences, you can enjoy a good “menza ca panna” and brioche in almost every bar in Messina, maybe sitting at Piazza Cairoli or in front of the sea. There are many theories about the proper way to eat it: there are those who prefer to soak the “heads” of brioche directly into the cream and enjoy granite at a later time, who immediately mix the two ingredients with a spoon, creating a mousse where to dip the brioche, who does a little and a little. You can say that every genuine Messina’s citizen has developed its own method.


Roi Nibali

nibali finale


Omaggio a Manara


Ecco Miele arrivare sul traghetto alle porte della Sicilia, disegno che omaggia Milo Manara e che sarà esposto nella mostra dedicata al “maestro” che si terrà a Etnacomics. Sempre a Etnacomics domenica 8 giugno presenterò il mio libro “Architettura fantastica, gli archetipi visionari del fumetto”.

Here’s Miele that arrives on the ferry at the gates of Sicily. It’s a drawing dedicated to Milo Manara, which will be on display in the exhibition dedicated to the “teacher”, that will be held in Etnacomics. Still on Sunday, June 8 I will present my book “Architettura fantastica, gli archetipi visionari del fumetto” in Etnacomics.

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